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Lipche Lupus

Breeding of Bavarian Mountain Hound

Ing. Milan Haviar

I've been dealing with breeding of Bavarian Mountain Hound (BMH) since 1985. That's when I started to work at State forests in Jasenie, Slovakia, area of which is situated on southern part of Low Tatras. At that time I had an opportunity to see for the first time the work of BMH dog named Fila.

After first moments with this dog I bought one myself and he was coming from well known breeder from Gader valley. With this dog I passed my first exams and lots of following trails. After him I had two more BMH dogs.


Breeding station

Currently I have a BMH bitch named DEA from Foráš, which has Slovak-German origins, her mother is Brita from Bôrčanská valley and father Hugo von Diemstein. After her exhibition in 2013 and my club colleague's recommendations I decided to open a breeding station. Dea is natural announcer, she is sharp against all kinds of animals and persistent on trail.

As I live in Slovenská Ľupča, a village which history is connected to hunting of wild animals, I named the breeding station with historical name of the village and its modifications - Lipche Lupus.



In breeding and training of BMH dogs I've always focused mainly on their working skills, not so much on appearance and beauty.

It is important that a dog works well on trail, he shouldn't be afraid of a bear and should be always able to find a way back and have a orientation in unknown or difficult terrain.

All the puppies are mend to be only for active hunters!



Litter A - 2013
- total 9 puppies (3 male, 6 females). Out of them 3 are in Czech Republic and 6 in SR.
Litter B - 2015
- total 8 puppies (1 male, 7 females). The father is HUGO from Liptovských Revúc. Export countries: Slovenia, Hungary and Luxembourgh. You can find pictures of the litter B here.
Litter C - 2016
- total 8 puppies (4 males, 4 females), father is IKI Trium Slecs.

You can find more pictures and the newest information on our Facebook page.

Currently we don't have any puppies available.
If you are interested for the future feel free to send us a message or follow our facebook page.

We are being contacted by many people who seek Bavarian Mountain Hound puppies - if you are a breeding station contact us and we'll redirect them to you.

Our work


Do you have a question about training or breeding? Leave us a message!

Currently we're not planning another litter of puppies, but we provide mediation for other breeding stations and their customers, helping with communication, international documents and transport.

Ing. Milan Haviar
tel.: +421 915 384 376
Slovenská Ľupča, Slovakia

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